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​Dive into the world


Imagine a world where the necessity of being tied to a specific location fades away – where your ideal living space is not confined by geographic boundaries. 

In the past, natural landscapes might have presented inconveniences, but with "GENCHI," we offer you a virtual passport to explore any destination seamlessly while browsing. This transformative experience not only eliminates inconveniences but also liberates you from various constraints.

​Web conferencing provides a way to solve the problem of distance in meetings and now the concept of "meeting" includes web conferencing. We aim to redefine travel with "GENCHI" as a new alternative to transportation.

Our mission goes beyond convenience – we're committed to eliminating location-based disparities and freeing individuals from the confines of specific places. Join us on our journey to contribute to a society where people are liberated from the limitations of physical location, fostering a harmonious coexistence with local avatars. Explore the possibilities with GENCHI.

​Project overview

Our company operates "GENCHI", a service for building a virtual transportation network in the world. This service has been put to practical use thanks to the popularization of the concept of telexistence (remote presence) and advances in technology.
​​* Telepresence robot: A robot that is equipped with a camera, microphone, display, etc., and can interact with people on-site from a distance and move around by remote control.
“GENCHI” allows people in remote areas to share the bodies of local people and instantly move to their destination, just like logging into the Metaverse (a three-dimensional virtual space on the Internet).

"GENCHI" connects people who can't go where they want for various reasons and workers who can go where they want to go online. The requester issues real-time instructions to the field from a remote location and accomplishes objectives through field workers.

In order to achieve the purpose of online communication, we have implemented stable connectivity, camera shake prevention function, non-verbal instruction function, etc., and have obtained multiple patents.
​In order to expand the recognition of "GENCHI", we are exhibiting at domestic and overseas exhibitions, such as India's startup event (2020), America's digital trade fair (2022/2023), Spain's mobile technology exhibition. (2022) and others.

​Currently, we are developing the "GENCHI monthly billing version" for companies such as stores and factories, and we are conducting a PoC (proof of concept) for the April release. In addition, we are also introducing it at trade fairs and events as an order project, and we are working on building a network with the sponsoring company and accumulating a track record of introduction.
As for future plans, we would like to expand the number of BtoB customers who have introduced "GENCHI" and promote global expansion. I would like to business trip

GENCHI is a service not only for business use aimed at improving productivity, but also for people who have difficulty moving for various reasons, such as overseas people, people who do not have time, and people who are concerned about their health. In order to solve the "shortage", we have secured a large number of human resources with a wide range of nationalities and have established a system that can respond quickly to requests. We hope that you will use GENCHI all over the world and experience the convenience of a means of transportation that does not require physical movement.

In the future, we aim to realize a world that is not bound by location by applying human augmentation technology to realize the sharing of the five senses and further enhancing the reality of movement with GENCHI.

​1.What is the business to solve

The movement dilemma of “I can’t go even if I want to” and the need to “don’t want to movement”

The impetus for developing "GENCHI" was the experience of our CEO, who spent more than 10 years living a life where it was difficult for him to leave his home on business trips due to his family's health. Similarly, there are many people who cannot move as they wish due to nursing care or their own health problems.
Furthermore, due to the corona crisis, not only was immigration restricted for about three years, but even within the same country, people were called to refrain from traveling across prefectures. In addition to the suffocation of being unable to move freely, many companies also suffered from business inconveniences.

​On the other hand, there is also a need to "do not want to move" if possible. This is because depending on the destination and means of transportation, it will consume a large amount of money and time. The spread of remote meetings has improved the productivity of meetings, but there are still many tasks such as inspections and inspections that require going to the site.
Source: Iyo Bank Regional Economic Research Center “Replacing business trips to web conferences due to coronavirus”

As work style reforms require a reduction in the working population and a reduction in total working hours, it is possible to outsource inspections, inspections, and surveys that require going to the site to local people, leading to a reduction in movement. increase. You can save money and time.


Instead of paying transportation and labor costs, if local people can pay a consignment fee and have them work remotely, the client can reduce costs and the contractor can earn income efficiently. .


Just like sharing a house or car to earn income, if you can share your body, you can make good use of your free time and earn income, which will invigorate work-sharing all over the world.


​2.How to get to the solution

GENCHI, a platform that allows you to access the real world from a remote location, just like logging into the Metaverse

"GENCHI" is a service that connects remote customers and workers who visit the customer's desired location online, and the customer can achieve the purpose with command buttons on the screen or voice. teeth.


Depending on the client's wishes, various remote requests such as "moving (walking, running, jumping)", "seeing/showing", "talking", "touching", and "buying" can be made to the worker. can.


Employees act like 'avatars' and customers can share their vision and hearing through a web browser. Currently, we are using local human resources as workers, but we are also considering the practical use of robots and drones in the future.

07 (1)英語.png

Pursuing performance improvements such as enhanced connectivity and camera shake prevention function, communication availability display, etc., patented

There are so many options for video calling and online distribution tools. "GENCHI" is a platform for sharing experiences in remote locations, and is different from tools aimed at calling and distribution in that it is a client-centered service that specializes in achieving on-site objectives. 

​Performance comparison with online communication tools, etc. (according to our research)

hikakuhyo (1)英語.png

Comparison as a means of achieving goals in remote areas (according to our research)

hikakuhyo2英語 (1).png

In order to reproduce the sense of presence, we aim for higher image quality than existing video services. People who are accustomed to conventional web conferencing systems have rated the video quality of GENCHI highly.


Unlike web conferencing systems, which are designed to be used for meetings with little movement, GENCHI is designed for use while moving. Therefore, we partnered with a smartphone image stabilization program development company to implement an image stabilization function.


Workers use a dedicated app to deliver video and audio, but clients do not need to install dedicated tools or register personal information, and can browse and communicate from a normal web browser. ​

The requester side calls the terminal of the worker from the web browser, and the worker responds with the application and is connected. It can be easily introduced at events where an unspecified number of visitors are expected.

In addition, in order to avoid disconnection of communication due to movement of workers, we are developing a function to display areas where communication is not possible on workers' terminals, and we plan to release it around April.

​In addition, we have acquired patents for these functions, and have also applied for patents overseas.


Implementing non-verbal communication functions to overcome language barriers with simple operations

With a view to global expansion, in addition to voice communication with workers, we have also implemented a non-verbal instruction function using buttons.

It is a mechanism in which instructions are notified to workers by four buttons to which four buttons and commands are assigned to indicate the direction of movement.

​It is possible to provide speedy and accurate support within a fixed time, and communication without relying on voice is possible even when the language of the client and the worker are different. A text input function will also be implemented in the future.


Promote on-site remote work. There are various uses such as remote customer service and remote presence that can be used with QR code payment

We have developed a new "GENCHI monthly billing version" that is intended for use in stores, factories, offices, etc., and are working on improving stability for the launch in April. The experience sharing system from a remote location does not require special equipment and can be used only with a PC or smartphone, so it can be introduced in the business scene at low cost.

For example, if the GENCHI monthly billing version is installed in a store, a customer who cannot visit the store calls the staff through the terminal, and the staff responds to the customer's request and moves while showing the sales floor. If the store supports QR code payment, we are considering a flow that allows customers to purchase products on the spot.

​In addition, when purchasing at multiple stores, we plan to introduce a mechanism to prevent opportunity loss by responding to the customer's call with the staff of the store that is available.


In addition to stores, GENCHI can be used by on-site staff for remote presence at construction sites*, maintenance and inspection of factory equipment, inspections of overseas/traffic-inconvenient areas, management of multiple sites, field trips during recruitment, etc. Requesting a relay eliminates the need for business trips, and can be expected to significantly reduce labor and transportation costs.


*Remote presence: Using a wearable camera or other device to remotely observe and inspect the site without going directly to the site.

Companies that learned about the demonstration experiment of "GENCHI monthly billing" are receiving more inquiries about introducing it to their own factories, and the demand for remote work on site is becoming apparent.


​ to make a business

Focusing on BtoB, stabilizing earnings through entrusted development and subscription model

Our current revenue base is centered on commissioned development of GENCHI for events and exhibitions, with a scale of 2 million to 7.5 million yen (including tax) per event. In addition to developing a system dedicated to each event, we also arrange equipment and workers to be used on site.

​In the future, we plan to expand the subscription model "GENCHI monthly billing version" in parallel, and we will proceed with stability improvements for full-scale deployment from April.


Assuming introduction in stores, factories, professional offices, etc., we plan to promote sales as a service to replace and supplement telephones. Equipment and human resources are arranged by the ordering party, and we plan to provide only the system for a monthly fee.

To expand sales of "GENCHI Monthly Billing Edition", we will adopt an agency system, and are envisioning agency agreements with companies that sell tablet POS cash register systems and web production companies.

​In addition, for individual requests from users to workers, we will adopt a commission model that distributes 50% of the transaction amount between our company and workers, and we would like to expand its use for both personal and business purposes.


Aiming for media exposure and recognition expansion through large-scale event exhibitions and collaborations with other companies

So far, we have participated in many accelerator programs and have had the opportunity to collaborate with large companies.


Through the accelerator program sponsored by the local government, there were 500 applicants out of 50 applicants for the fan club member-only event "Remote Batting Practice Tour/Remote Touch Event" held in collaboration with a professional baseball team. Many people showed interest.


We provide a simulated experience of giving instructions to team staff on the same field as the players, a simulated experience of watching the practice while moving around the players at a close distance, and an experience of remotely touching the players using tactile transmission technology. We received a good response.


In the accelerator program, we were given the opportunity to conduct demonstration experiments at the initial stage of product development, which allowed us to discover various issues, and the know-how we gained in the process of improvement led to the acquisition of patents.

​In addition, we have participated in international exhibitions held in Chiba Prefecture, the world's largest trade fairs held in the United States, participation in pitch sessions at startup events in India, and mobile technology exhibitions in Spain. We are disseminating our technology globally through exhibitions, etc.

​4.How to proceed with business in the future

​​Establishment of a successful model centered on the United States and Europe, which have excellent communication environments. Strengthen subscription-type sales

​In the future, we plan to expand sales channels overseas. We actively participate in and exhibit at exhibitions and events overseas so that our customers can experience our technology. When we exhibited at an exhibition in Spain, the state of the demonstration caught the attention of a British broadcasting station, and the state of coverage was introduced in European TV programs and newspapers.


Since 5G is widespread in Europe and the United States, we believe that GENCHI will also be easily accepted. In addition, we believe that the larger the country, the more people will feel the value of "local".


Based on this background, we are aiming to expand our overseas business, and in addition to the current Japanese and English support, we would like to support multiple languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese within the next fiscal year. I'm here.


​In addition, we would like to increase the number of cases where the "GENCHI monthly billing version", which is scheduled to be launched in April, is introduced at stores and factories, and establish the subscription model as a stable revenue base.

​In the future, we will expand not only BtoB services but also as a service for crowdsourcing the sharing of experiences, and our goal is to spread "GENCHI" as a communication infrastructure with depth.

Realization of a future liberated from "movement" and "place" with technology that conveys the five senses

From 4G to 5G and next-generation 6G, ultra-high-speed communication will be put into practical use, and it will be possible to obtain the same information and experiences regardless of location.

​"GENCHI" reproduces the sense of touch in addition to sight and hearing among the five human senses. As for taste and smell, if we can procure a device that reproduces them, we think it will be possible to implement and expand them in GENCHI.


We believe that technological innovation will allow us to remotely reproduce the five senses in the near future. With advances in communication technology and technological innovation that analyzes and expands human senses, I feel that a world where we can have the same experience wherever we are is just around the corner.


Through "GENCHI", we would like to update flat online communication into a form with depth, expand the concept of "movement", and propose a new means of transportation that is not bound by physical movement.


A multinational team speaking 5 languages will challenge the world to build a virtual transportation network around the world.

Jun Nishiguchi

I started in my second year of high school. Graduated from a liberal arts university



When I was looking for a job, I realized that I had sales skills to sell things, so I got a job at an IT company in search of new skills. Here he learned planning and development skills.



After becoming independent, experienced a manufacturer that does everything by himself. From the customer's point of view, we have solved problems at a "usable" level. We have developed a stable product that has been introduced to major commercial facilities. After proposing robots for companies, he wanted to solve disparities due to movement and location with new means, and established toraru Co., Ltd. in 2018.

Hiroyuki Ounishi

・TSI Co., Ltd. Chairman

・Chairman of Aeon Techno Center Co., Ltd.

・Kobe University Innovation Project Evaluation Committee


Engaged in venture investment and business development at a long-established VC (Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd.), serving as Sendai branch manager and business investment team manager.


In April 2002, Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd. was established (merged with Tsukrie Co., Ltd., a group company). Started support for startups, such as startup investment and founding, specializing in university-launched venture companies.


In March 2005, we acquired Ion Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. (established as the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, a national research and development agency) and succeeded in commercialization and monetization by converting from a research laboratory to an operating company.


Kobe University Innovation Project Evaluation Committee from April 2022 (current position)


Joined toraru Inc. in 2019

Marketing/Public Relations
Ryunosuke Ahsan

In 2019, after obtaining a diploma (graduation certificate) from Okanagan College, Canada, majored in politics, economics, philosophy, and humanities and sociology at the University of British Columbia, Canada. ​​

After returning to Japan in 2020, she launched and started operating an online English conversation school.

In 2021, we will start a social media operation consulting service for small and medium-sized enterprises.

From 2022, she will be in charge of public relations and marketing for “GENCHI” provided by toraru Co., Ltd.

​Aiming to be a "bridge" to realize innovative and useful services that are not yet available in the world.

In charge of overseas

Born in England, studied in Japan and Germany, majored in Linguistics and English at the University of Düsseldorf. ​

He provides intercultural consulting between Japan and Germany as a bridge between Japan and the world, and is in charge of business development in overseas markets and communication with overseas at Toraru Co., Ltd.

Joined toraru Co., Ltd. in 2022 in order to build a more affluent society without disparities in location while improving his own abilities by making use of his forte in multilingual communication.

IT engineer
Wan Botire

After entering Japan Digital University IT Engineering Faculty, he advanced to a partner university (Tokyo Communication University Information Management Faculty).

In 2022, he joined toraru Co., Ltd.

He entered a Japanese university and studied Japanese and web programming subjects. At university, students take seminars to improve skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication, while acquiring the knowledge necessary to work in a Japanese organization. Utilizing the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MathMl, and SVG that I have learned, I am improving my practical skills by training and working hard so that I can contribute to the team as an IT engineer. .

​As an engineer at toraru Co., Ltd., I am working hard every day, dreaming that the completed program will become a new commonplace around the world.


We are developing and operating a new method for people who cannot go to the site, the alter ego service "GENCHI".


I also had a period when I was unable to leave the house for a long time due to family circumstances, and I felt that "moving" was difficult.


One day, I encountered a telepresence robot, and learned that it was possible to remotely control it as if there was an alter ego on the spot using robot remote control and telexistence technology. * Telepresence: A technology that connects remote locations and provides a sense of realism as if they were face-to-face.


So, I thought that if I use this, I can partially solve the problem of the sense of distance that I was worried about. For example, robots are expensive and have limited installation locations. Also, unlike humans, they do not have a wide range of motion, so we learned that it will take time to put them into practical use.


Therefore, like taxi dispatch, we combined local gig workers with robots and drones to build the alter-ego service "GENCHI" as a means of solving problems in remote areas for people who cannot go to their desired location.


"GENCHI" is a tool with various possibilities to solve problems that cannot be reached. In the future, we aim to build a virtual transportation network around the world and build a new transportation network that can appear anywhere in the world as needed.


Investor Relations

​1st financial results materials

​Second term financial results materials

​Third term financial results materials

​Fourth period financial results materials


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